800,000 Steps for Suicide


Starting Over are about to embark on a 800,000 step journey in our fundraising challenge ‘800,000 steps for suicide’.

Last year alone a heartbreaking 800,000 people lost their life to suicide, so in a collaborative effort, over the weekend of the 14th August 2021, we will be taking one step for each and every one of them people who lost their lives.

Our amazing volunteer Nicola has decided to make her steps as tough as possible and climb Snowdon and also try to raise funds that will be match funded by Barclays bank! As life is not always plain sailing. If people wish to contribute steps they are welcome to anywhere and any way they can. Just follow our page and post your steps! A group of the Starting Over family have agreed to support Nicola and also attempt the journey up Snowdon.

When we recognise that someone is experiencing suicidal tendencies, and we reach out, we are instantly planting a seed of hope that they’re not invisible, they are not alone! Stick by each other and always look out for your family, your friends, and most importantly, yourself ❤

We look forward to the journey ahead! We can do it! 👏👏

If you would like to support our cause and help us in supporting others then please click on the link below and donate to Nicolas page.




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