Moel Famau Walk and Talk

We would like to announce that on the 4th October the Starting Over walking group will be attempting to climb Moel Famau in North Wales.

In the process we are attempting to raise some funds for us to be able to add a football and a fishing group to our social activities. Details about how you can donate or help us raise funds will be posted later this week. As well as more information should anyone feel like joining us!

Here at Starting Over Enterprises we strive to express the importance of social inclusion. Currently, we do this through our weekly walking group, which has continued to grow! We aim to involve as many people from as many communities as possible! We want you to join us! With the funds raised for our next endeavour, we aim to set up groups that appeal to a wide variety of audiences and people with a range of diverse ability. Such groups will include football ⚽️ and fishing 🎣.

So we ask now for your help!
Help us to help our community!
Help us to raise awareness that not being okay is okay! We are all in this together, we all want to help you make that change, because we know you can do it! You are not alone 💪🏻❤️


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