Wellbeing Through Wildlife – Fifth Session

During the fifth week of Wellbeing through Wildlife at Knowsley Safari, the group went on a walk through the forest area of the park with all the beautiful trees and the waterfall. Within the forest, the group made feeders for the birds, consisting of different fruits and then hung feeders all over the forest.


After this, the group walked towards the Birds of Prey enclosures, to look at all the types of birds in the outside enclosures. Seeing the Bald Eagle, the White-Back Vulture, the African Tawny Eagle, the Striated Caracara and more! All of the birds were relaxing in their outside enclosures, with plenty of room to stretch their wings and feet.

Afterwards, the group cleaned the bottom of their shoes and washed their hands before going inside the building dedicated to the Birds of Prey, to ensure its cleanliness. Within the enclosure lived a Chaco Owl, one of the best predators! Along with the very friendly American Black Vulture and the Secretarybird!

The group learnt how vital vultures are to ecosystems and also the health of the world, as without them, the infected bodies of animal carcasses are left and sometimes eaten by humans, thus the spread of viruses! Attempts to stop poachers killing vultures are currently being made in Africa by Gauntlet Birds of Prey.

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